Nano Technology


“The combination of applied Nanotechnology with any compound, molecule, mixture or fluid to result in an end product of smaller particle size to yield greater efficiency, efficacy, activity or penetration without altering its atomic, molecular or chemical structure”.



It is the science behind our NanoSyzed™ commercialization that make it unique. At the core of the Nano Rush platform, the technology involves manipulating the particle size of various compounds at the nano-scale – somewhere between the width of a DNA strand and an atom. By reducing particle size to less than 200 nanometers, its ability to pass through tissues and cells is dramatically improved and the exposed surface area of the compound is increased, thus, improving its overall activity.

The Nano Rush processing platform provides a superior method for enhanced solubilization of various compounds (a process which increases the dissolution rate of poorly soluble ingredients) and reduces micron-sized compounds to nano-particles (miniaturization). The nano-particles are stabilized against agglomeration by surface absorption of selected GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) stabilizers and approximately ten years of trade secrets that have been developed. The result of this revolutionary processing technique is a dispersible liquid nano-suspension of various substances which dramatically improves stability, dispersion and absorption properties, these then can be processed into finished dosage forms for various routes of administration.

Why "Nano” is Safe?

Nano Rush uses NanoSyzed™ product formulations consisting of a highly concentrated intraoral spray dispensing system. This intraoral spray allows for absorption through the circulatory system, which reduces first pass liver metabolism. Nano Rush engineers have tested and screened over a thousand raw ingredients while observing very large differences in particle size and solubility. Our engineers developed a proprietary testing methodology to identify raw ingredients that have the smallest particle size combined with natural methods to balance the hydrophobicity (HLB/LogP) and ionic state (pKa, zeta potential) in a water based delivery vehicle. Our engineers have identified numerous food approved, Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS), and natural ingredients to restore the solubility and bioavailability of most dietary supplements. Our technology delivers completely natural, NOT synthetic, molecules to your system in a form that most closely mimics the hydrated structure found in nature. The nano process then keeps these ingredients in a stable form while remaining in solution, and without reaggregation or precipitation.

Potential FDA Concerns:

The FDA is only concerned with nano-sized material that may cross the blood-brain barrier and these compounds are NOT intended to do so. Compounds that are vitamins, that nano-process are intended to be used by any cell in the body. For example, Vitamin C is necessary for proper cellular function, including those in the Central Nervous System. Our nano-process is designed to facilitate initial absorption of nutrients. That said, we only NanoSyzed™ compounds that are intended for all organs of the body.

Better than what the FDA Requires

Our technology platform reverses the artificial large amorphous aggregates to maximize absorption and provides a preferred administration vehicle for the large number of people that have a difficulty in swallowing pills (40% of the adult U.S. population alone, not including children). By using our laser diffraction and dynamic light scattering device, our engineers have discovered that the particle size of most dietary supplements (even those claiming to be nano) contain particle aggregates of 1 to 100 microns (size of bacteria to dust mites).

Particles that are in a micron size contain thousands of molecular aggregates that are often larger in size than the cell itself and cannot be useful unless they can be digested. The FDA only requires vitamin manufacturer's to meet label claim and to show that the tablets/capsules break apart, but does not specify any particle size requirement or that the formulation can be processed effectively by the digestive system.

The main method the body has designed to disrupt aggregates (i.e. chewing) is not even used with tablet/capsule formulations. Bioavailability studies from hundreds of peer reviewed publications with drugs or a natural product consistently shows that a reduction particle size increases absorption (i.e. Cmax).

Why Our NanoSyzed™ Technology is SAFE!

Molecules in their monodispersed or multimeric nano complexes interact to catalyze life. For example, when you juice vegetables, the cell walls are mechanically disrupted with the mechanical shear of the juicer. This mimics shear action from chewing. The cytoplasmic fluid containing vitamins and other small molecule bio-actives are released as juice that can easily pass through a submicron filter. Standard laboratory procedures used in cell culture experiments further show that nanoparticles or monodisperse solutions are the building blocks of life. Tissue culture media is filtered 0.2 microns (200 nm) to contain only nano or smaller forms of all vitamins, proteins, lipids, growth factors, etc. that is necessary for cell growth, T cell activation, and even differentiation of stem cells.

While the particle size of our NanoSyzed™ formulations are LESS than a micron, we have verified using a Malvern Spraytec device that the particle size of the droplets from our fine mist sprayers ranges from 30 to 100 microns and are too large to travel the lungs.

Each micron sized spray droplet contains thousands of molecules (i.e. solution, dispersion, or emulsion) in a hydrated state for maximal absorption. The natural formulation technologies used by being NanoSyzed™ provide the benefits of enhanced absorption, and avoid the safety issues of artificial particles.

In conclusion, we have developed a nanotechnology that allows the nutrients to be delivered to the body as nature intended. Eliminating the swallowing issues associated with pills, tablets and capsules, as well as the absorption limitations through the gastrointestinal tract and first pass metabolism through the liver and kidneys, makes this technology invaluable.

We hope this information assists in addressing some of the questions relative to our own highest standard of internal manufacturing practices and our product's process and interaction with your body.