Nano Rush is the most technologically advanced dietary supplements globally available on the market today.
Vitamins help release energy from our food and help build muscle, bone, blood and other vital tissue. With a regular supply of nutrients, we can maintain good health and normal growth. Since the body does not store all essential vitamins for long periods of time, some can be supplemented on a regular basis. Nano Rush Multi-Vitamin can be taken to help support complete nutrition.
Following Nano products are available:
  • Nano Rush B-12 Bomber
  • Nano Rush Swarming B-Complex
  • Nano Rush Nano Slim
  • Nano Rush SleePM
  • Nano Rush Multi-Vitamin
  • Nano Rush Vitamin D3-Fense
Nano Rush is so unique it was the first patented nutraceutical nanotechnology process Its NanoSyzed delivery system presents nutraceuticals that are much more bioavailable and efficacious than any other dietary supplements.
Nanotechnology is science, engineering, and technology conducted at the nanoscale, which is about 1 to 100 nanometers. Nanoscience and nanotechnology are the study and application of extremely small things and can be used across all the other science fields, such as chemistry, biology, physics,materials science, and engineering.
Everything in nature is at the nanoscale or atomic levels, and Nano Rush is no exception. Nano Rush utilizes a patented process that allows the ingredients to be processed and stabilized resulting in and end-product as nature intended. This allows these nanoparticles to be made available to be dispensed through an intra-oral spray which increases absorption and bioavailability.
This Nano Rush product formulation process is a cold process. It allows a formulation to pass through fixed-geometry micro channels within its unique interaction chamber. As a result, the product stream accelerates to high velocities (faster than the speed of sound to 1500 ft/sec for 3-5 nanoseconds); creating shear rates within the product stream that are orders of magnitude greater than any other conventional means. Our products experience identical processing conditions, producing the desired results, including: uniform particle and Nanosyzed™ reduction. This is achieved without excessive heat or breaking any chemical bonds (i.e. mimic shear from chewing).
Nano Rush uses product formulations consisting of a highly concentrated intra-oral spray dispensing system. This intra-oral spray allows for absorption through the circulatory system, which reduces first pass liver metabolism. Nano Rush researchers have tested and screened over a thousand raw ingredients while observing very large differences in particle size and solubility. We then have developed a proprietary testing methodology to identify raw ingredients that have the smallest particle size combined with natural methods to balance the hydrophobicity (HLB/LogP) and ionic state (pKa,zeta potential) in a water based delivery vehicle. We have identified numerous food approved, GRAS, and natural ingredients to restore the solubility and bioavailability of most dietary supplements. Our technology delivers completely natural, NOT synthetic, molecules to your system in a form that most closely mimics the hydrated structure found in nature. The Nano Rush process then keeps these ingredients in a stable form while remaining in solution, and without re-aggregation or precipitation.
Nano Rush can be taken at any time at any place without the need for water or food. Nano Rush addresses the difficulty 4 out of every 10 consumers (40% of the Adult U.S. population) experience while swallowing pills, tablets and gelcaps as well as inefficient assimilation and absorption. And with Nano Rush you will not experience any stomach upset.
What you are experiencing with the flavor of Nano Rush is over 15 years of flavoring expertise combined with a team of other specialists that have over 50 years. All the flavors used in Nano Rush are natural and contain no fruit juice.
The simple answer is "any time." Our products are so convenient there is no need for water, and small enough to be carried with you or one at the office for super convenience. Since the products are in a nano-liquid state, digestion has little or no affect in there absorption capabilities. There is no need to eat food before consuming any of your Nano Rush products, like you would with other dietary supplements. Here are a few ideas: Morning: Let Nano Rush fuel your body first thing allowing the nutrients needed for a demanding day. Several sprays will keep you going strong and keep you alert. After Lunch: Research shows that over 70 percent of us hit the wall after lunch. Let Nano Rush help you get over that wall and have an alert, productive afternoon. Workouts: Looking for motivation to workout? Make Nano Rush part of your healthy lifestyle. Sports: Be the leader on the field, court, track or course and stay there stronger and longer with Nano Rush. Travel: Anyone who travels frequently knows how tiring it can be especially when it comes to jet lag. Have the B-12 Bomber fuel your body and have the SleePM assist your body to rest as it may help to adjust for time differential. Weekends/Vacations: Action-packed weekends and vacations require a lot of energy. Whether you’re doing the lawn or garden work, going on a hike or playing on the beach, Nano Rush can give you the extra edge you need no matter what the demand.
Nano Rush contains natural ingredients that assist your body to perform at its optimum level.
YES! Nano Rush products have been patented, manufactured and tested in the USA. We offer products that are unsurpassed in quality and efficacy and are backed by clinical science. Our customers include a broad scope of international consumers and distributors, medical and healthcare practitioners, professionals, pharmacies, and the internet. What distinguishes Nano Rush from the other supplement companies is the fact that our branded supplements are produced and manufactured in the USA using in most cases, only USA manufactured ingredients. All manufacturing is performed under highly regulated procedures according to good manufacturing practices (GMP). Rest assured, Nano Rush delivers only pure, quality-controlled nutritional supplements.
Absolutely not! Only alternative natural sweeteners (diabetic friendly) are used in Nano Rush products.
All our spray products contain small amounts of sweeteners and these sweeteners are used by diabetics as an alternative to sugar. They are either low glycemic or have 0 glycemic index. However, diabetes is a disease which affects sufferers in different ways, so a diabetic user should monitor blood sugar levels just to make sure that there are no adverse reactions. Many of our customers are diabetics and have experienced no problems when using Nano Rush.
The best natural sweeteners go into our products.
  1. Stevia is a non caloric 0 glycemic index sweetener. This sugar substitute derived from the leaves of the stevia plant that is significantly sweeter than sugar is ideal for low-carb diets and those watching their sugar intake. Most often considered an herb or dietary supplement, its approval for use as an additive by the FDA was in 2008. 300 times sweeter than sugar Helps to keep the body's blood sugar in balance Low caloric, aids weight management Beneficial for hypoglycemics Increases energy levels and mental activity Assists in Lowering hypertension Appears to increase levels of HDL, or ‘good’ cholesterol Not all stevia products are equal. For more information on which Stevia Nano Rush utilizes,please refer to the following link Steviasuavé™

  2. Xylitol is a 100% natural product, a sweetener that occurs naturally. It can be found in berries, fruit, vegetables, mushrooms and hardwood trees. It also occurs naturally in our bodies – in fact, an average size adult manufactures up to 15 grams of Xylitol daily during normal metabolism. Xylitol is a naturally occurring carbohydrate, that looks and tastes just like regular table sugar. It is a natural sweetener that can be extracted from any woody fibrous plant material. Safe For Diabetics - Unlike sugar, Xylitol is not easily converted to fat. Helps Prevent Cavities - Since it is a non-fermentable sugar, it cannot be converted to acid by oral bacteria. Thus, the alkaline-acid balance in the mouth is maintained, which helps in preventing cavities. Helps Prevent Ear Infections - Xylitol can also be used as medicine in prohibiting certain bacterial growth to help prevent ear infections in young children. It will also help clear out earwax and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in the pharyngotympanic tubes, connecting the nose and ear. Slows the Growth of Candida - Xylitol helps prevent bad breath, ulcers, and stomach cancer by slowing down the growth of Candida Albicans (a serious yeast infection), and other harmful bacteria like H. pylori. May Improve Bone Density - According to research from the University of Oulu in Finland, Xylitol was shown to help improve bone density in rats. This indicates it has potential as a treatment for osteoporosis in humans. For more information on which Xylitol Nano Rush utilizes, please refer to the following link Global Sweet and not all Xylitol products are equal Xylitol-brand-comparison. Another link for information: Xylitol.org

  3. Vegetable Glycerin is 100% pure, safe and low glycemic index sweetener. It contains no carbohydrates or cholesterol. Derived from coconut or palm oil, this product is excellent for use in raw foods as well as in baked and cooked foods. Glycerin is not chemically related to sugar and seems to have no affect on insulin and blood sugar levels making it a safe alternative for diabetics and people with candida yeast overgrowth. It also does not feed the bacteria that form plaques and cause dental cavities. A little goes a long way - only one tablespoon of vegetable glycerin is equivalent to about 1/4 cup of sugar. Vegetable Glycerin is pure Kosher grade and is suitable for vegans and vegetarian.

Each pump holds .845 fl oz. (25 ml), which is a 30 day (1 month) supply when used as directed, which is 3 sprays twice per day or 180 metered sprays.
Just as you eat several times a day, we recommend that you take your Nano Rush products at least twice a day so that your body is well fueled and able to tackle the stressful situations that most of us experience throughout the day.
All Nano Rush products do not contain GMO’s (Generally Modified Organisms), sugar, fruit juice, salt, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, milk, egg, soy protein, MSG, shellfish, preservatives or artificial flavors and colors. It also does not contain fillers, binders, wax, shellac, talcum, animal gelatin or any other excipients.
We stress that any person taking medication under the care of a physician should discuss the use of all other products with the physician. The physician needs to have full disclosure to all products you are taking in order to fully evaluate your treatment. One should also remember that the nutrients used in our products are identical to those found naturally in food.
Yes! All flavors are natural and are sourced from the best flavoring houses in the world (USA). Please find the following links to two of our flavor houses for more information. E.A. Weber and Company – Architects of Flavor since 1902 Prinova™ -“Your Secret Ingredient” since 1978
The fine mist on the sprayer is intended to disperse the formulation throughout the mouth for better absorption capabilities and may have a tendency to leave somewhat of a residue over time. We recommend that you periodically rinse your sprayer under lukewarm water to remove any residual buildup.
The FDA acknowledges the safety of nutritional supplements that fall under the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act (DSHEA). Nano Rush ingredients are all covered under DSHEA*.
All Nano Rush products are TSA compliant in the 25ml Go Anywhere Spray Travel Bottle as a carry-on when traveling via air.
You are currently taking any prescription medicines. You have been advised by your physician to avoid certain vitamins and minerals. You have a medical condition that makes you concerned about taking it. You are concerned about taking it for any reason. Other concerns? Diabetics: Nano Rush is sugar free. However, check with your doctor before taking Nano Rush if you have concerns about how it may affect you. There are no animal products added to Nano Rush.
YES. Our in-house formulators take into consideration the very active modern lifestyle when developing Nano Rush products and have designed them to work in conjunction with each other. Spraying different products at the same time will not decrease their effectiveness or harm you.
On average most sprays last for one month as directed. Some formulas such as Nano Slim is recommended by taking 2 sprays 3 times a day, and if you are experiencing hunger or would like a snack, so it may last less than one month.
Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) is globally recognized as a safe, recyclable packaging material. Most single-serve plastic bottles, including those for water, soft drinks and juices, are made with PET, which can be recycled and does not contain bisphenol-A (BPA). BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins since the 1960s. Please find the following link for more information regarding the safe uses of PET plastics for food products The Facts on PET.
Nano Rush should not be exposed to temperatures greater than 49°C (approximately120°F) for any extended periods of time. Like any food products, high temperature will spoil the ingredients over time. We do not recommend leaving your Nano Rush products in your automobile during the summer months. Also, we do not recommend refrigerating or freezing your Nano Rush products, preferably store at room temperature.
All our products are assigned an expiration date, which is based upon extensive stability studies. We guarantee the potency of the product until the last day of the month noted on the package. There is no evidence to indicate that the ingredients in the product would be harmful if consumed beyond the expiration date. You may not, however, be receiving the amount of each vitamin or mineral listed on the label. The potency of the ingredients slowly diminishes over an extended period of time, and the expiration date is determined by the least stable ingredient in the product. We recommend that the product not be used after the expiration date.
Yes, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allows 3.4 ounce (100ml) bottle or less (by volume). All Nano Rush products meet compliance with 25ml. per vial.
No. Nano Rush is not dispensed according to weight or size of individuals.